Prioritize Your Health, Long Term

Optimize your health and wellness at home, or inside one of our Infusion centers. Subscriptions are a great way to get your health in order while saving money on your favorite Drip. We offer packages for everyone’s needs. Whether you’re looking to get an Infusion once a month, or two times a week we can accommodate you. Group rates & party rates are available upon request.

Starter Package

1 bag per month

For anyone just starting to experience the benefits of our infusions – this plan is for you.

Premium Package

2 bags per month

With two infusions a month, you’ll feel great more often and start experiencing the longer-term benefits of regular visits.

Elite Package

4 bags per month

Our elite package allows you to support your active lifestyle by receiving infusions on a more regular schedule!

Platinum Package

8 bags per month

If you’re supporting a rigorous lifestyle and serious about your mental and health goals, 8 infusions a month will get you to your goal!

15 Benefits of IV Therapy

1. Vitamin and Mineral Absorption When you’re lying in the hospital and you look to your right you see your hand has a drip connected to an IV, then you

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